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Good luck and may your recovery be quick and painless. You will be in our

On 3 October 2012 17:30, Allan Wright <aew at unh.edu> wrote:

> **
> I'm going to have surgery on my neck October 22nd to fix a ruptured disk
> that's been causing me pain and numbness in my left arm. I'm having the
> surgery done at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Boston. My surgeon is one
> of the best in the country. I'll only be in the hospital overnight but will
> have 4-6 weeks of recovery at home.  Prognosis is for 100% recovery. I'll
> send you all an email when I'm able to after the surgery.
> During my recovery list and page updates will not be a priority. Hopefully
> everything will run smoothly while I'm away. Please play nice with each
> other.
> If for some reason the list goes dark, a few of the list members know who
> here at UNH to contact to have the list server computer rebooted which
> should solve just about any problems. Worst case if things go disastrously
> wrong, I'll get things running again when I return to work.
> thanks for your understanding,
> Allan
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> Allan Wright - Manager of Software Development
> Research Computing & Instrumentation <http://rcc.sr.unh.edu>
> University of New Hampshire <http://www.unh.edu/>
> (603) 862-0084
> aew at unh.edu


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