[WWI] Voisin X LAR

Foster, Steven B. fosters at ou.edu
Wed Oct 3 22:48:53 EDT 2012

To all,

Call me crazy, but I am going to jump off the curb and build the Hi Tech Voisin X LAR. I am looking for any help possible. I have had communications with Chris Savaglio. I have the book French Aircraft of the First World War. I have seen the pictures posted on our site and the rebuild of the Voisin X Ca2 by Memorial Flight. Unfortunately the later is the canon version and I want to build the kit as the bomber version. Does anyone have any detailed shots of the Voisin VIII at NASM since it is the bomber version? I am most curious to see how much space the internal bomb racks took up in the cockpit. How were they loaded, from below or from above through the cockpit. I have a copy of French Strategic and Tactical Bombardment Forces of World War I, no pics or detalis about bomb loading that I have found.

Nevertheless any help with anything related to this plane will be greatly appreciated as I venture into this "challenging" build.


Steven Foster
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