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The idea was to keep small parts, 'inside the box', but the alternative theory, that miniature black hol es  lurk around my workspace may be closer to the truth. 


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Is that called working outside the box? 

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My experience with 'tweezer launch' is,  I suspect some of the objects exceed the speed of light, and disappear from our space/time. I made a 'box' of hardboards around my workspace, and parts still go 'poof'. 

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>  I'm usually able to find 92 percent of all things headed for the carpet 
> gnomes. 

Good grief, old chap! Be careful and you should be able to recover at least 
93,4% of the ballistic bits. Perhaps 93,6%, in a good day, weather allowing. 

> One of the bollards went ping this weekend, headed away from the plastic 
> panel.  I didn't even bother to look for it.  The kit has some extras. 

The gods were appeased. 

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