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  To quote Mr. Bean:  "Look at all those bits!" 

        Coming along nicely, Marc!

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After spraying all the parts overall Tamiya Medium Gray, I brushed on the deck colors.  For the wood deck, I used an old stock-piled out-of-production Humbrol paint called Deck Plank.  For a while, I couldn't find find anything that approached the look of teak on warships, so I went out and bought up as many tins of Deck Plank as I could.  Recently, White Ensign Models has produced a very good color called Teak.  But, I've decided to use up these older paints first.
The metal decks should be dark gray.  I used Modelmaster Gunship gray.  To add a little more diveristy in color tone to the overall model, I paint the bottom of the ship's boats deck plank and the thwarts Humbrol Wood.  I also add some canvas coloring -- a light gray to the blast bags on the 12-inch rifles and Humbrol Cream to the canvas covering over the foretop lookout.
When all this dries, I'll finish assembly, then rig it.
Marc Flake 		 	   		  
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