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Well thanks for all the ideas on using the O rings.  I'm not sure what material is used for these but it is probably neoprene or some kind of plastic material.  so what I'm trying is to use a couple of automotive painting products to see if I can make the ones I have work.  so far I sprayed them with SEM plastic prep, this should clean off any mold release or grease. (despite the use of silicon grease in industrial use, I'm sure it would adversely affect paint adhesion).  Next I lined up the O rings on an old pen barrell, and sprayed them with SEM flexible plastic bumper primer.  this comes in Light Gray, the perfect shade for early tires.  So here it is so far, I will report later on how well this sticks once I figure out how to attach the spokes. Attached is a photo of the painted O rings.

Subject: [WWI] Re Rubber O-ring tires
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I used them for wheels when I did the Passchendaele stuff.? It seemed like a good idea at the time but:
1.) I couldn't find any gray o-rings.? I suppose you could paint them but I suspect the paint might crack streching them to put on the hubs.
2.) I believe that the resin was still somewhat volitile even painted.? I think it caused acccelerated cracking of the rubber.
John Cyg
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