[WWI] Need info on French Nieuport X B markings

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Looks Nice Bud, Nice straight and thin resin wings and tail, Fuselage with sides and bottom molded in one piece with seperate top deck will make seams easier than an Eduard kit, and photoetched brass details to liven it up a little.  Engine is a little soft, a one piece 80hp Gnome 7 cylinder with no intake pipes or pushrods and rocker arms, some scratchbuilding will be needed on this one. Interior looks nice with photoetched bracing wires, resin seats and photoetched belts and instruments. Only fault is my own, I ordered the one with Italian markings instead of French. Should build a nice rare Nieuport to add to my collection. Nothing against the Italians but I just prefer French Nieuports! (but still planning on building Baracca's Nieuport 17 one of these days!)

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I'm thinking of buying that one, Dave.? What do you think of the kit? 


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