[WWI] Need info on French Nieuport X B markings

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Thanks Karen. I forgot that I already had that book, just remembered the Nieuport 12 part.  After looking through it the N 110 is the only one that I see that has the round hole for the observer, but I see no gun.  Might use artistic licence and add a Hotchkiss firing over the prop.


On Jul 21, 2012, at 11:12 AM, Dave Calhoun wrote:

> Just picked up a Omega Models kit of the Nieuport Ni. X B, the early Nieuport 10 with hole in the wing for the gunner/observer. Unfortunately the kit only has markings for an Italian machine, and I would like to do a French one. Does anyone know of any references showing photos or drawings of the early ones in French use? I 'm NOT interested in the later single seat (I already have the Special Hobby kit of that) but would love to see an early one where the observer stuck his head through the hole in the wing to fire the gun over the prop. Need to see some references that show markings for these aircraft. I already have the Nieuport Datafile special vol 1 and they only show one photo, of an UNMARKED aircraft. Well let me know what you have.

Dave, Datafile #68, Nieuport 10-12, has exactly the photo you describe on the inside front cover. The GA drawings include both the single- and two-seat versions. There are several good photos of that version, including the cockpit and the engine with the front side panels open, plus a few good references for splattering the wing and fuse with castor oil.

There's enough useful info that you probably should try to search it our. LMK if you can't find it anywhere.

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