[WWI] Dornier decals was: Kits you've built that hardly anyone else has

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Re: [WWI] Dornier decals    was: Kits you've built that hardly anyone else hasThanks Steve!
Those lozenge decals always behave oddly at the wing curves. Wonder if generous amount of solvaset would tame them or destroy them.
About the control surfaces... i've already separated them and -back then- considered making them from styrene card, as their trailing edges were a bit thick (a pett peeve of mine). Perhaps, being the control sufaces more angular than originally cast from the kit pieces, the decals would adhere with less trouble. On the other side, yes, cutting off the control surfaces would probably complicate the whole operation... it's a trade...
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  Diego, from my notes "I had trouble getting the decal to go around the curves on the wings, and also getting a clean edge at the trailing edges"

  I've just been to look at the model to see if that brought back any more memories. After scraping off the dust I can see that the decal is starting to lift at the trailing edges of the wings, though that might be due to the handling it gets when taken in and out  of the box at model shows. There is also a small tear on the elevator and the decal is lifting there too.
  The ailerons and elevators are marked by only the lightest of scratches, so they hardly show at all. I'm not sure how well the decal would sit down into the  groove if it were cut any deeper. IIRC there was not any spare decal to experiment with.

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  Wow! That Dornier D.I is a sweet kit. I cleaned it up and got me the mini datafile to detail its guts. Do you remember how reliable were the decals? Mine are a bit yellowed, but the colours seem to be spot on (in fact, I guess they  look better to be a bit on the yellow side).

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    Can I have another go?

    Austin Osprey, RVHP  resin

    LVG V19 Putbus,  Phoenix vac

    Dornier D.I,   Meikraft



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    I've just  this week finished an FCM 2C, the late war French super-heavy tank design, a  5MHobby resin kit.

    Does a Fokker V8 made from multiple other kits  count?

    Ago C.II, Joystick vac

    PKZ.2 helicopter,  Roden

    PV2bis, Phoenix vac

    PV7, PV8, Scaleplanes  vac

    Vickers FB19, Scaleplanes vac

    Most esoteric but not a kit,  Bezobrazov triplane



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    On Jul 14,  2012, at 10:12 PM, Joseph Pezold wrote:


         I'll play this game.  I  have the CONTRAIL 1/72 scale  vacuform kit of the BLACKBURN Kangaroo  that I haven't built yet, but I'm planning on doing it in the not too  distant furture.

    OK, this'll get me out of lurk...
    but before  you ask, no, I don't want to sell any of the stash (yet)...like most of you,  I'm planning on living to at least 150 to build 'em all

    The  Dame

    have  built 1/72-
    WINGS 72 vac: D.F.W. T.28 Floh "Flea"
    SCALEPLANES vac:  Dufaux Fighter
    UNKNOWN MANU. vac: Etrich Taube 1910 prototype (this was, I  think, the first vac I built...figured if I could build this, I could build  anything)
    CLASSIK vac: Fokker M7
    AIRFRAME vac: Halberstadt D.II
    WINGS  72 vac: Hansa Brandenburg C1(Ph)
    AIRFRAME vac: Hansa Brandenburg W20 flying  boat
    VEEDAY injected: Hansa Brandenburg W.29
    WINGS 72 vac: Lohner Flying  Boat-Type L converted toType T, L47
    FORMAPLANE vac: Morane-Saulnier A1 (MoS  29 C.1)
    SCALEPLANES vac: Nieuport Type IV
    SCALEPLANES vac: PV 7 'Grain  Kitten' and PV 8 'Eastchurch Kitten'
    JOYSTICK vac: Rumpler C.I
    JOYSTICK  vac: Sopwith Batboat 1a
    AIRFRAME vac: Sopwith Tabloid
    AIRFRAME vac:  Vickers F.B. 5 'Gunbus'

    in progress 1/72-
    PHOENIX vac: D.H.  1/1a
    LÜDEMANN resin: Rumpler Taube

    in the stash  1/72-
    MERLIN injected: Ago C.III
    MEIKRAFT injected: Caproni  Ca3
    MEIKRAFT injected: Lloyd 40.15
    VEEDAY injected: Albatros  D.XI
    CONTRAIL vac: Blackburn Kangaroo
    VLE vac: Gotha UWD
    VLE vac:  D.F.W. 'Mars'
    VLE vac: Fokker 'Spinne'
    CLASSIK vac: Blackburn  Triplane
    CLASSIK vac: Junkers J.10
    CLASSIK vac: Ponnier M.I
    AIRFRAME  vac: Friedrichshafen FF43
    AIRFRAME vac: Zeppelin-Lindau CS.1
    ROSEPLANE  vac: Farman F40bis
    ROSEPLANE vac: Le Pere Lusac II
    ROSEPLANE  vac:Sikorsky S10-Hydro
    SRAM resin: Ago C.II
    SIERRA vac: Caudron  R.11
    SIERRA vac: Friedrichshafen FF49C
    SIERRA vac: Gotha  GL.VII
    SIERRA vac: Gotha WD.7
    XTRA VAC vac; Albatros C.IX
    PHOENIX  vac: Junkers J.2
    SCALEPLANES vac: Blackburn Monoplane
    SCALEPLANES vac:  Burgess Dunne
    SCALEPLANES vac: Sopwith Cuckoo
    LIBRAMODELS vac: D.F.W.  B.I
    LIBRAMODELS vac: Macchi M.7
    EASTERN STAR vac: Morane-Saulnier Type  BB
    BLUE RIDER vac: Bleriot XI-2
    BLUE RIDER vac: Fiat/Savoia-Pomileo  F5B
    BLUE RIDER vac: Maurice Farman MF.11 Shorthorn
    JOYSTICK vac:  Albatros C.I
    JOYSTICK vac: Albatros C.XII
    JOYSTICK vac: Aviatik  B.II
    JOYSTICK vac: Lloyd C.II
    JOYSTICK vac: Morane-Saulnier Type  P
    JOYSTICK vac: Rumpler 4B12
    JOYSTICK vac: S.A.M.L. 2
    SKULD/VETERANS  72 vac: Eole
    SKULD/VETERANS 72 vac: Bregeut 5 B2/Ca2
    SKULD/VETERANS 72  vac: Ponnier Type L1
    FORMAPLANE vac: Dorand AR.1A.2
    FORMAPLANE vac:  Hansa Brandenburg KDW
    FORMAPLANE vac: Lohner C.I
    FORMAPLANE vac: Rumpler  D.I
    LÜDEMANN resin: Albatros (Ph) B.I
    LÜDEMANN  resin: Rumpler 4C Taube
    LÜDEMANN resin: Lebed XII
    LÜDEMANN resin: Lloyd  40.05
    LÜDEMANN resin: Lloyd C.IV
    LÜDEMANN resin: Otto (Ago)  Doppeldecker
    LÜDEMANN resin: Etrich-Lohner Maneuvertaube
    LÜDEMANN resin:  Gotha Taube
    LÜDEMANN resin: Jeannin Stahltaube
    LÜDEMANN resin: Oeffag  C.I (50.01)
    LÜDEMANN resin: Caprioni Ca3
    LÜDEMANN resin: Etrich Taube  IV
    LÜDEMANN resin: Farman HF20 (DUX)
    LÜDEMANN resin: Hansa Brandenburg  NW
    LÜDEMANN resin: Lohner B.VII
    LÜDEMANN resin: Lubeck Travemunde  F.4
    LÜDEMANN resin: Macchi M.9

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