[WWI] Kits you've built that hardly anyone else has

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Can't blame you for being tempted by Karaya , Karen.  I built a Karaya 1/48 Nieuport 25 and I'm really surprised no one else has.  It the sweetest little kit I've built in any medium. 



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On Jul 15, 2012, at 7:58 AM, Stuart Malone wrote: 

> The Planet Spad 11 I'm working on now is resin.  I wonder if you meant the Roseplane ? 

You're right, Stuart. On both counts: I put both kits in the Planet box. 

> ...I built the Expo Model A.D. Sparrow Scout, 

How did I forget that one? Undoubtedly the most poorly designed plane ever done, and not an easy vac build. 

As y'all may have noticed, at least I've quit adding to the stash; although I've been tempted by some of the Karaya kits...but I'm not a kit collector  :-) 


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