[WWI] Kits you've built that hardly anyone else has

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The Planet Spad 11 I'm working on now is resin.  I wonder if you meant  
the Roseplane?  I guess that counts as an esoteric build?  Also in  
progress is a Merlin Rumpler D.I. a Classic Planes DFW C.V (Not an  
esoteric subject, but one you don't see built often), and a Czech  
Master Armstrong-Whtworth FK.10.

I built the Expo Model A.D. Sparrow Scout, Karaya Nieuport 29, Renwal  
Aeroskin Pfalz D.III, and a Formaplane Morane-Saulnier AI, vac DFW  
T28, scratchbuilt Lloyd 40.15, and the Azur Martinsyde Buzzard.  I  
don't know if that one counts.  IMHO, I think so as the rigging on it  
was insane for a single bay fighter.


On Jul 14, 2012, at 10:26 PM, Karen Rychlewski wrote:

> On Jul 14, 2012, at 10:12 PM, Joseph Pezold wrote:
>>      I'll play this game.  I have the CONTRAIL 1/72 scale  vacuform  
>> kit of the BLACKBURN Kangaroo that I haven't built yet, but I'm  
>> planning on doing it in the not too distant furture.
> OK, this'll get me out of lurk...
> but before you ask, no, I don't want to sell any of the stash  
> (yet)...like most of you, I'm planning on living to at least 150 to  
> build 'em all
> The Dame
> _______________________________________________________________
> have built 1/72—
> WINGS 72 vac: D.F.W. T.28 Floh "Flea"
> SCALEPLANES vac: Dufaux Fighter
> UNKNOWN MANU. vac: Etrich Taube 1910 prototype (this was, I think,  
> the first vac I built...figured if I could build this, I could build  
> anything)
> CLASSIK vac: Fokker M7
> AIRFRAME vac: Halberstadt D.II
> WINGS 72 vac: Hansa Brandenburg C1(Ph)
> AIRFRAME vac: Hansa Brandenburg W20 flying boat
> VEEDAY injected: Hansa Brandenburg W.29
> WINGS 72 vac: Lohner Flying Boat–Type L converted toType T, L47
> FORMAPLANE vac: Morane-Saulnier A1 (MoS 29 C.1)
> SCALEPLANES vac: Nieuport Type IV
> SCALEPLANES vac: PV 7 'Grain Kitten' and PV 8 'Eastchurch Kitten'
> JOYSTICK vac: Rumpler C.I
> JOYSTICK vac: Sopwith Batboat 1a
> AIRFRAME vac: Sopwith Tabloid
> AIRFRAME vac: Vickers F.B. 5 'Gunbus'
> in progress 1/72—
> PHOENIX vac: D.H. 1/1a
> LÜDEMANN resin: Rumpler Taube
> in the stash 1/72—
> MERLIN injected: Ago C.III
> MEIKRAFT injected: Caproni Ca3
> MEIKRAFT injected: Lloyd 40.15
> VEEDAY injected: Albatros D.XI
> CONTRAIL vac: Blackburn Kangaroo
> VLE vac: Gotha UWD
> VLE vac: D.F.W. 'Mars'
> VLE vac: Fokker 'Spinne'
> CLASSIK vac: Blackburn Triplane
> CLASSIK vac: Junkers J.10
> CLASSIK vac: Ponnier M.I
> AIRFRAME vac: Friedrichshafen FF43
> AIRFRAME vac: Zeppelin-Lindau CS.1
> ROSEPLANE vac: Farman F40bis
> ROSEPLANE vac: Le Pere Lusac II
> ROSEPLANE vac:Sikorsky S10-Hydro
> SRAM resin: Ago C.II
> SIERRA vac: Caudron R.11
> SIERRA vac: Friedrichshafen FF49C
> SIERRA vac: Gotha GL.VII
> SIERRA vac: Gotha WD.7
> XTRA VAC vac; Albatros C.IX
> PHOENIX vac: Junkers J.2
> SCALEPLANES vac: Blackburn Monoplane
> SCALEPLANES vac: Burgess Dunne
> SCALEPLANES vac: Sopwith Cuckoo
> LIBRAMODELS vac: Macchi M.7
> EASTERN STAR vac: Morane-Saulnier Type BB
> BLUE RIDER vac: Bleriot XI-2
> BLUE RIDER vac: Fiat/Savoia-Pomileo F5B
> BLUE RIDER vac: Maurice Farman MF.11 Shorthorn
> JOYSTICK vac: Albatros C.I
> JOYSTICK vac: Albatros C.XII
> JOYSTICK vac: Aviatik B.II
> JOYSTICK vac: Lloyd C.II
> JOYSTICK vac: Morane-Saulnier Type P
> JOYSTICK vac: Rumpler 4B12
> JOYSTICK vac: S.A.M.L. 2
> SKULD/VETERANS 72 vac: Eole
> SKULD/VETERANS 72 vac: Bregeut 5 B2/Ca2
> SKULD/VETERANS 72 vac: Ponnier Type L1
> FORMAPLANE vac: Dorand AR.1A.2
> FORMAPLANE vac: Hansa Brandenburg KDW
> FORMAPLANE vac: Lohner C.I
> FORMAPLANE vac: Rumpler D.I
> LÜDEMANN resin: Albatros (Ph) B.I
> LÜDEMANN resin: Rumpler 4C Taube
> LÜDEMANN resin: Lebed XII
> LÜDEMANN resin: Lloyd 40.05
> LÜDEMANN resin: Lloyd C.IV
> LÜDEMANN resin: Otto (Ago) Doppeldecker
> LÜDEMANN resin: Etrich-Lohner Maneuvertaube
> LÜDEMANN resin: Gotha Taube
> LÜDEMANN resin: Jeannin Stahltaube
> LÜDEMANN resin: Oeffag C.I (50.01)
> LÜDEMANN resin: Caprioni Ca3
> LÜDEMANN resin: Etrich Taube IV
> LÜDEMANN resin: Farman HF20 (DUX)
> LÜDEMANN resin: Hansa Brandenburg NW
> LÜDEMANN resin: Lohner B.VII
> LÜDEMANN resin: Lubeck Travemunde F.4
> LÜDEMANN resin: Macchi M.9

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