[WWI] Kits you've built that hardly anyone else has

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Not wishing to hijack this thread, hence the new thread title.  Mr. Malone list of wants got me to thinking. Some of these are fairly esoteric; who knew Merlin had an HB G.1.

Anyhow, of this list, I have built but one - the SSW Dr.1, here:


Luckily, only one actual plane was made because it was hard enough to build just one of these.  I know Dennis has built one:


but that hardly counts since he's built almost every WW1 1/72nd scale aeroplane kit in existence (well, not quite but a lot of kits, anyway).

So, what are your esoteric  not built your almost nobody else kits?

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I've been looking for the following (in order of priority):
Roseplane HD.3Merlin Pfalz D.VIIIRoseplane Caquot Observation BalloonPegasus Salmson 2A2Omega Spad G.IElf Linke-Hoffman R.IISkybirds 86 DFW C.VPlum Blossum Friedrichshafen G.IIISkybirds 86 Friedrichshafen G.IIRoseplane Packard LePere-Lusac 11Elf Siemens-Schuckert R.IMeikraft Siemens-Schuckert D.IVCramer Craft Fokker D.VElf Kondor D.II
Others of interest (listed alphabetically):
Aerodrom SSZ Class Airship
Libramodels AEG G.ILibramodels SS BE Zero Class Airship
Meikraft BE.2
Merlin AEG G.IVMerlin Rumpler D.IMerlin Hansa-Brandenburg G.IMerlin Friedrichshafen G.IIIMerlin RAF BE.2
Roseplane Drachen Observation BalloonRoselane Caproni Pensuti TriplaneRoseplane Siemens-Schuckert D.Dr.I
TJ Models Barrage Balloon

Let me know if you have any of these and what you'd want for them.  Thanks Tom.
Stuart Malone

On Jul 14, 2012, at 3:54 PM, Thomas Young wrote:With Lynne out of work for more than a year now the mortgage payments are getting impossible.   With a couple of thousand kits on hand with many boxes of WWI aircraft, vehicles, figures, etc., most must go.   If you are looking for specific kits please drop me a line and we can negotiate. I'll have a list ASAP.   Tom Young  maiesm72 at att.net
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