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                So, here's the response from Lifelike decals concerning my
letter and my own answer.  Anyone want to contact Mr. Nagao and offer to
help as you can?



From: Mike Vice [mailto:jmikl2957 at comcast.net] 
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To: 'Keishiro Nagao'
Subject: RE: New Albatros Decals


Mr. Nagao,

                I have a copy of Commandant Moreau-Berillon's fantastic
color paintings of French unit emblems.  If copyright issues don't prohibit
this, I would be happy to scan the color emblems of any squadrons that you
wish so you could use them for French decal sets, either as a sheet of
emblems by themselves, or emblems for a sheet, say, of Nieuports or Spads.

                I have a copy (in storage) of a page from an early Cross and
Cockade--US issue that shows color drawings of all of the U.S. squadron
insignia.  Same issue--if I can scan it for you I would be happy to do so.
I do not have any photos to share with you but I am forwarding this letter
(your letter and this reply) to my modeling colleagues at wwi-models.org and
greatwaraviation.com to see if they can be of assistance.

                OK, guys!  Any takers out there?  Anyone want to help Mr.

                                Mike Vice


From: Keishiro Nagao [mailto:lifelike at eos.ocn.ne.jp] 
Sent: Monday, July 09, 2012 7:50 AM
To: Mike Vice
Subject: Re: New Albatros Decals


Dear Mr. Vice, 


Thank you very much for your mail and highly regarding our decals! This is
very encouraging, and we will (have to) continue to release well-researched


I as well as Mr. Joern Leckscheid (our collaborator) like the Fokker D VII
and Albatros D III/V very much, so so far released some sheets in this area.
Of course we will continue to release more sheets in this area, but we have
the second book in your message ("Les Escadrilles de....), and was
fascinated with the variety of French emblems (many of them we did not
know). Regretably this book does not always have photos or drawings carrying
specific emblem. When we do some items from this book, we will need photos
of A/C with some specific emblems. Though not yet decided when to do, but
release of French WWI fighters (including those Spads captured by the
Germans in a very colorful marking) are listed in the schedule. 

It would be a very nice idea to include a few specific A/C marking as well
as some fabulous emblems only. 


Our reference books will not be sufficient, so if we need some support, will
you or your friend be able to help us with photos or drawings? We have
noticed that Spad VII or XIII have a great variety of sub-types. Of course
we will show your/your friend's name in our instruction sheets.


I think I have the old Microscale US emblem sheets in 1/72 scale, but to be
honest we do not know much about WWI US emblems. If we do this, we will need
more help from you. 

I did not know that 1/48 scale Salmson 2A2 kit will be released in the near
future. I think some manufacturer has released such kit before, and some
decal sheets were released after that. No? 


Lastly it is very fortunate for us that WWI decal sheets are never a niche
sales product. It is selling equally well with other WWII items, and no
reluctance to release more WWI sheets. 


Best regards, 

Keishiro Nagao

Lifelike Decals 

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Subject: New Albatros Decals



                The instruction sheet in your new Albatros decals invited
comment, so here goes.  My set of decals arrived yesterday and they are
AB-SO-LUTE-LY GORGEOUS!!!  I'm going to start on Georg Strasser's Jasta 17
Albatros D.V this morning.  I have communicated with friends about the
quality of your offerings (effusively) and have received confirmation.
James Dickie, a fellow member of the wwi-models.org modeling site, he posted
the following: "I have their 1/72 decal sheet for Fokker D.VII's...without a
doubt (in my opinion) the best decals I have ever seen from any
manufacturer.  Solid colors, printed in perfect register and incredible
detail, along with a very informative instruction sheet in full color.
Recommended to all!"

                So, you want input?  MORE WWI DECALS, PLEASE!  Now, if I had
to suggest something, since Rowan Broadbent's Pheon Decals are stiff
competition in 1/48 and Aeromaster and Eagle Strike have saturated the
market for Albatros and Fokker decals, I would opt for the following: we are
in dire need not of schemes for particular aircraft, but squadron insignia
that would give us more options when we model.  I would really like to see a
sheet (or more) of French escadrille insignia, whose colors and outlines are
readily available in two sources: Commandant E. Moreau-Berillon's monumental
"L'AVIATION FRANCAISE" (out of print, I believe) or "Les escadrilles de
l'aeronautique militaire francaise: Symbolique et histoire, 1912-1920," from
the SHAA in Paris.  If you really wanted to pursue individual aircraft
decals I would suggest a sheet of French Nieuports (first choice) and Spads
(especially Spad XIIIs, to go with Eduard's excellent kits).

                A second choice would be to prepare insignia for the
American squadrons, similar to what Superscale (then Microscale) did in 1/72
decades ago, but you should do yours in 1/48.  A sheet for particular
aircraft that deserves consideration would be more markings for the upcoming
Salmson 2.A2 that is to be released soon by a member of wwi-models.org.

                In any case, keep up the good work and I can hardly wait to
see how you proceed with this niche market!

                                Mike Vice


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