[WWI] HMAS Australia progress report

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    Although the appeal of seeing all those ships in relative size is very tempting. But I'm beginning to dole out my time a little more carefully these days. I really enjoy seeing the photos of what you are doing, though. Marc. Those are actual "pocket battleships" :-)

   Is it possible to build all of the major Jutland participants now, i.e. all of Beatty's battle cruisers or the German dreadnoughts?

   My delving into naval subjects is pretty limited, true, but they are all very fascinating in terms of technology, triumph and tragedy, and I have high hopes of finishing the kits I have someday.

                                             J.R. Boye

        P.S. Do you know if any photos were ever taken of the Emden with its famous "fourth funnel"? I would just love to build mine with that "feature"- such a great story to tell with that!

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J.R.  I'd like to build in the bigger scale, but don't have the display room.  That plus I like having several ships on display instead of only a few.  It's useful to have a variety of tweezers when dealing with the smaller bits.
Eric:  There must be several differences in the two kits as there are quite a few PE parts that aren't used on the Australia.  Check to make sure that your funnels are alll the correct size.  I'm still waiting for Combrig to send the correct fore funnel via Freetime Hobbies.  In fact, it wouldn't hurt to do a complete inventory comparing the parts with the parts illustration for the kit -- just to be on the safe side.
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