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                If you folks haven't seen the latest from Lifelike decals
for Albatros D.V/Vas, you're in for a treat!  See my note to Bud, below...
Guess you 1/72-modelers will have to continue to suffer hand-painting
wood-grain propellers using your 4-power Optivisors.   ;-)


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                So, did your decals arrive yet?  Mine came last night and
they're absolutely gorgeous!  That set for Ltn. Wolf of Jasta 5
(full-fuselage Bavarian diamonds w/ really fancy wide fuselage band with
crown-and-lion aft of cockpit) is amazing.  You know how many manufacturers
make you do your own bands, then apply their specialty marking over the
band?  Not Lifelike!  The band is there, in two colors, white and gray, and,
to avoid semi-transparency, the lion-and-crown marking has yet another white
background, then the colored part to go on top of that.  And the Bavarian
diamonds?  They're not just a couple of wide decals that you're told to
somehow fit on the fuselage--if you can--but a number of small pieces so as
to conform with the various curves of the fuselage.  VERY well thought-out!

                And there was a special treat as well--an announcement that
Lifelike is producing a propeller wood-grain decal sheet that has different
patterns for twelve manufacturers' propellers.  Blurb on the sheet: "Wooden
pattern may vary with the wooden material or number of wood layers used,
even within the same propeller type."  You need the wood-grain for a Wolff
propeller with its three shades, as opposed to the pretty-much solid color
of a Heine?  Taken care of!

                Can hardly wait for the sheet's release!

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