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Absolutely gorgeous, Dennis.  Congratulations. 



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        Since many are enjoying the day off and the list is quite, I figured 
this was a good time to show my latest builds.  After seeing the black 
and white Pfalz, I had to have one.  And I have never built the Pegasus 
D.IIIa, so I added it to the collection.  Numbers 214 and 215. 

        Tech Support is making progress on my web site and has put me to work. 
Probably 95% of all models will be re-photographed before the revamped 
site is on line.  I now see how large a project she is undertaking.  If 
I can do 15 to 20 models a week, she may get this project done by the 
end of August or into September. 

        Everyone have a good and safe day. 


Dennis Ugulano 
"Each modeler will rise to their own level of masochisim." 
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