[WWI] New models and update

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Wed Jul 4 12:11:32 EDT 2012

> Since many are enjoying the day off and the list is quite, I figured
> this was a good time to show my latest builds.

Heck! Which day off? Been a hellish of a workday here, and outside is cold 
and wet as a fish arse.

>  After seeing the black
> and white Pfalz, I had to have one.  And I have never built the Pegasus
> D.IIIa, so I added it to the collection.  Numbers 214 and 215.

Very elegant! And you're becoming so fast that you're finishing models in 

> she may get this project done by the
> end of August or into September.

You are enslaving her!
Happy 4th July to the Amerikaner listees! 

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