[WWI] Handley Page 0-400 1/72 Airfix

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  Martin, Ray Rimell did a make-over/ review of this kit in the Windsock Magazine of May 2002 (Volume 18, number 3). It is very worthwhile, and not overly complex.

                            J.R. Boye


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It's a good kit, with pretty good detail, including a lot of interior. Rigging is the biggest task, there's a lot of it. There are no (to the best of my knowledge) detail sets made for that kit, the generic stuff (seats, belts, control horns could be used, along with Aeroclub engines) but they are not absolutely necessary, it makes into an impressive kit, just OOB, IMVHO.

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Microsoft Project 2010 ,  Yes ! ! !  

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Is this for September1 or September 30? It makes a difference as to what extras, if any, you will have time to add. 

Do you have a copy of Microsoft Project 2010 to help organize yourself for this complex build?

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 Dear listees,
               I have in my hands a HANDLEY PAGE 0-400  the old model airfix.
I must present it in a contest,in september,I want to reunite all the intelligence of the listees,in order to orientate me.
What would you do to make it nicer? What would you modify?
 I eait for your gentle opinions.
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