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Shane Weier bristolf2b at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 31 18:37:47 EDT 2011

James says:

>I'm gonna throw in my half baked 2 cents 
worth:  Personally I tend to think these days that the 
>naval lozenge was
 painted (gasp!), similar to the painted lozenge on the Gotha bombers 
> the AEG bombers. 

Just to keep our terms aligned, the painted finish on Gothas has been called "painted polygon" rather than "lozenge" to distinguish the large non-repeating pattern from the small repeating pattern of loz fabric (which is also used on some Gothas) and the regular repeated patterns of Hex. From here on in I'll try to use those terms myself.

Anyway - yes, painted hexagon makes considerable sense when you start trying to understand why the rib tapes aren't easily visible. Either 

1: They aren't there (which is impossible IMO) or 
2: Someone went to bizarre and unneccessary lengths to cut and align printed strips to match the fabric on each rib or
3: They *are* there but hve been painted over at the same time as the rest of the hex pattern was applied.

I can't recall (and I'm at work with no books) whether I've ever read anything approaching a reference to primary evidence that preprinted fabric was used. Certainly the A/H used painted hex, so I wonder why it hasn't been considered for the German forces. Is there a written account somewhere that I have forgotten?


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