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I'm gonna throw in my half baked 2 cents worth:  Personally I tend to think these days that the naval lozenge was painted (gasp!), similar to the painted lozenge on the Gotha bombers and the AEG bombers. The application is always very pefectly aligned starting from one edge and there are no rib tapes to be seen. Sounds like hand painted lozenge pattern to me (?). I've also heard "rumors" around for years that the sample in DSA's collection was a bit suspect in origin (possible a fake outta Eastern Europe).
But hey, that's just my crackpot theory.

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Rob & Bob

DSA made a big point of describing how carefully he aligned and secured the sample so that the warp and weft were perpendicular to each other...and then saw that the pattern was printed at that 5 degree angle.

I'm just reporting on this since someone mentioned the 5 degree tilt. Personally, I agree with Shane and others that printing the hexes leaning lazily to the right serves no reasonable purpose and the whole idea seems to be disproven by photos showing the hex 'flats' aligned with the wing's leading edge. I'm sorry I can't post DSA's whole article because of copyright laws, but if you can dig up a copy of WWIAero, Nov '91, you'll find the whole thing there.

Brent, as an aside, I believe it *would* be possible to print that skewed pattern from a roller--a pattern need not be perpendicular to the width of the roller...otherwise how could diagonal stripes (like a barber's pole) be printed? But Shane's question still stands: Why??


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I'm with Shane on this, due to Occam's Razor.
>DSA could easiyl have had a misaligned sample.
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>I was thinking perhaps it was printed with the pattern perpendicular to the length, but then have it skewed slightly by stretching it after one edge was affixed. This may keep any  thread group from being on a single rib.
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I will chime in here....
>>From a manufacturing standpoint it would be nearly impossible to print using rollers. The pattern needs to be perpendicular to the rollers.
>>To quote one of the smartest engineers I know "That don't make no sense!"
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