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Shane Weier bristolf2b at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 30 18:53:36 EDT 2011

Karen says

>Print out the diagram below>Cut on the red lines>Curve the paper around so the two slanted red edges meet--do not overlap>Voila!  A cylinder

 the hexes in my diagram are not absolutely exact, but it doesn't really
 matter--and of course the pattern would be on *three* >separate 
cylindrical rollers because of the three colors, but that's just a 
matter of adjusting the distance between the three rollers...certainly 
>less complicated than printing the standard 5 color lozenge.

Works magnificently. And if you join the red edge to red edge all you've done is angle the *join* in the pattern, not the pattern itself.

Tape up your cylinder and note that the partial white hexes now run precisely parallel with the edges of the "roller"

The trick is to twist the pattern as you show it, forcing each of the (for example) white hexes to meet the *next* row (to become a spiral on the roller).  If the hexes are twisted from being right hexagons this is possible on a smaller cylinder than if they have to actually *be* hexagons, but still fails miserably the test of "WHY?" when there's no apparent reason to do it.

(I *can* think of one reason. If the pattern is constructed in a spiral fashion, the inking roller will deposit equal amounts along the length of the roller, rather than only at the parts where that particular dye colour would be deposited if the pattern was done in an orthogonal fashion. However, since this is not a problem when printing other fabrics, I can't see why it'd be an issue on hexes alone)

I'm sticking with Occam on this one.


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