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Jamie Gagnon jamesgagnon5 at sympatico.ca
Sat Jul 30 06:35:02 EDT 2011

Hi Shane;

>>At this point I *will* be slightly disrespectfull to a respected late researcher, and note that it's awfully common for outlier instances in history of all kinds to be tortured into a theory for the general.  I believe that this is one of many such in our particular area which has surfaced because the general is well understood but difficult to *prove incontrovertibly* and no-one will ever easily make a name for him/herself without discovering something different. <<

There was a tv series about battlefield archaelogy which specialised in throwing out accepted accounts of historical events based on finding one or two items of equipment in locations other than expected. Of course, no one ever moves anything during or after a battle.

The first skeleton of a Neanderthal man was of an individual stooped and stunted.  Then science proceeded to use this skeleton to describe the whole species. It later turned out that the individual had severe arthritis and could not be considered even remotely typical of the species.

>>That's perfectly fine in and of itself, but too much popular history is being based on too little genuine fact, and the Internet has a terrible ability to make one loud voice with one single educated guess into a received wisdom. 

>>cv. the use of RLM02 on WW1 aircraft 

I did not think you were all that loud about it  ;-)

On point; I've operated roller printing machines. While not on textiles, my experience leads me to believe that a lot of what is said about printed fabric is simply wrong. Your point about the pattern not repeating properly if printed at an angle is a good one. 

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