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Karen says

>Brent, as an aside, I believe it *would* be possible to print that 
skewed pattern from a roller--a pattern need 
>not be perpendicular to the
 width of the roller...otherwise how could diagonal stripes (like a 
barber's pole) be printed? 

I believe that the entire point of *my* post was also that the pattern can't reasonably be roller printed.

Think a little about a barbers pole pattern. Do the stripes *ever* have to meet up again? Answer is of course *NO* because they go around in a spiral, and the printing roller is made exactly as a barbers pole is painted.

OTOH the top of the last row of hexes do have to meet precisely with the bottom of the first row. They can't be a spiral and never meet at the other end, the best you could do is have the leftmost hex meet the bottom of the third from the left after a full rotation. It's Saturday, and it's against my religion to even contemplate calculating the diameter of the roller given the size of the hexes *nor* to assure myself that the hexes can even *be* right hexagons developed on the surface of a cylinder and meet in such a fashion.

And even more strongly I ask "Why"

>But Shane's question still stands: Why??

Indeed. Occams Razor applies.

At this point I *will* be slightly disrespectfull to a respected late researcher, and note that it's awfully common for outlier instances in history of all kinds to be tortured into a theory for the general.  I believe that this is one of many such in our particular area which has surfaced because the general is well understood but difficult to *prove incontrovertibly* and no-one will ever easily make a name for him/herself without discovering something different. 

That's perfectly fine in and of itself, but too much popular history is being based on too little genuine fact, and the Internet has a terrible ability to make one loud voice with one single educated guess into a received wisdom. 

cv. the use of RLM02 on WW1 aircraft 


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