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Shane Weier bristolf2b at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 29 20:55:15 EDT 2011

Karen says

>Well, Mike, if Shane won't say that, I will.

Well I didn't, but I've since called "bull$hit!"

>DSA's article in WWIA is mind-numbingly argued and is based on a 
chunk of fabric purportedly 
>received from Peter Grosz. I don't know if 
DSA ever retreated from his opinion, 

It'd be the only time in my recollection.

contributed an enormous amount of valuable information and opinions to 
WWI aviation study-- 
>this subject was perhaps not his finest hour's 

Agreed. Since DSA is no longer here to argue the point, I'll leave him out of it, but frankly I cannot begin to imagine any reason for the fabric being printed like that at all.

Shane, tE, unimaginative AND cynical.

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