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Well, Mike, if Shane won't say that, I will.

DSA's article in WWIA is mind-numbingly argued and is based on a chunk of fabric purportedly received from Peter Grosz. I don't know if DSA ever retreated from his opinion, but let's remember that this all comes from the man who claimed he could determine colors from b/w photos. Shane, I'd be overjoyed to forward the entire article to you and maybe you can unravel the reasoning.

DSA contributed an enormous amount of valuable information and opinions to WWI aviation study-- this subject was perhaps not his finest hour's work.


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> So, Shane, basically, what you're saying is, this is all bollocks?
> What if it was, like, 7 degree?
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> Karen says
> >AFAIK, everyone agrees that the wing surfaces were covered chordwise with lengths of the fabric.
> > If this is true (and it seems to be by my reading of all the blurry photos), then printing the hexes
> > tilted like the above would definitely NOT be the same as laying each strip of fabric (or decal) on 
> >the wing at a 5 degree angle.
> Fairly clearly, *I* haven't been paying attention at all, because this 5 degree nonsense is entirely new to me.
> These patterns were roller printed, were they not? Continuous lengths of fabric run through multiple drum rollers to apply the patterns?
> So show me how a continuous hexagonal pattern can be drawn on the printing surface of a drum and meet without a "jump" in the pattern that would ruin a section once per rotation unless the drum was *large*? Then explain why you'd do something so utterly stupid and unneccessary when the pattern would repeat perfectly on a much more conveniently sized drum if it were aligned with no offset.
> When these types of daft theories appear I first wonder *why* the supposed perpetrators would go to extra trouble to make things difficult for themselves. So, why?
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