[WWI] WWI List Re: Hyperscale W29 build - strange lozenge

Karen Rychlewski krychski at earthlink.net
Fri Jul 29 19:59:30 EDT 2011

Quote away, Rob!
I assume you stripped the diagram from your reply, but it probably should be included if you start into this 5 degree thing as it's awfully difficult to visualize.

I would also be interested in Ray's opinion; I suspect his choice of orientation of the fabric on the profiles would be a result of 'artistic license' at the time. I'm too lazy to run upstairs to check the publication date of DF 55, but there are six per year and the latest one was 147 so his profiles were several millennia back. Windsock has had a couple of short articles about the naval hex pattern over the years as well.


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On Jul 29, 2011, at 4:58 PM, Rob Stewart <rob at rob-stewart.to> wrote:

> Karen,
> Very interesting reply.
> Mind if I quote this over on the new forum?
> Ray Rimell is a member over there, so maybe we'll get an update on his opinion.

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