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The following reprinted translated German naval directive is copied from C&C int vol 13 no.3 1982:
Painting of aeroplanes  28 March 1917
Instructions for the painting of aircraft.
'All conspicious areas, particularly the tops of the wings, fuselage, floats and tailplane are to be painted with 15cm long regular hexagons in three colours, grey-blue, grey brown & grey violet'.
This is the only 1st hand historical reference I know of refering to Naval lozenge I know of. As I wrote earlier I do not know the origins of the Blue scheme.
Some years ago, using whatever colour references I could find at the time I created a brown scheme lozenge, which was used on this rather less than satisfactory Choroszy Dornier CS.1 (see attached). I think that you'll agree that there is some common ground between my lozenge and the lozenge on the W29 model although now that I look at the two togther the Hyperscale lozenge is more pinkish. The Dornier model lasted just long enough to take photos for review, the rather poor 'pancake' wings were then ripped off with the intention of scratchbuilding replacements, which as yet has not happened.
With regards to the DSA theory about the hexagons being irregular in shape, maybe I've missed the point somewhere, but there is a lovely photo of an upturned W18 on the cover of the above issue of cross and cockade. In this particular instance the hexs look pretty regular to me.
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