[WWI] Hyperscale W29 build - strange lozenge

Shane Weier bristolf2b at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 29 04:54:11 EDT 2011

Michael (Micky to his friends ;-)  says

>Anyone else seen this?

I suspect that I will see it in the flesh/plastic at QMHE in 3 weeks time.  Dave Wilson lives locally.

>The lozenge has pink, which looks unlike any other naval hex lozenge I've seen. 
>Any comments?  Looks like a fine build though.

It is. And notice that he *brush* painted it, which I find very impressive (despite his using Citadel paints which make even that dark art *somewhat* easier).

Absent any evidence whatever, I can hardly criticise WNW's research, but then I'm not giving them any greater credence than I give any other manufacturer either. After 90+ years there's bound to be a lot of guesswork involved no matter how self confident the "authority" might be, and so long as the colours aren't offensively unlikely they're pretty well impossible to prove or disprove absolutely. Six of one or half a dozen of the other?

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