[WWI] Hyperscale W29 build - strange lozenge

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Hi Michael
Looks to me like the lozenge is dipicting the brown scheme (as opposed to the blue scheme that is usually depicted on W.29s). As I recall there is thought to be at least two Naval hex colour schemes, the brown scheme (which from memory was made up from brown, lilac and blue hexs) has its origins in an order which was sent during the later part of the war (1917 or 1918) which detaled the size and colour of the hexs. This order was printed in full in an old cross and cockade international (not sure of the issue no. off hand). 
I'm never been entirely sure what the historical basis is for the blue scheme, I have read in a few places that the blue scheme was theorised by Peter Grey in the sixties, but I wouldn't hold any store by this. It would be interesting to learn of the origins of the blue scheme. Anybody out there have any thoughts?
With regards to the discused Wingnuts W.29 lozenge, it looks very similar to an attempt I made made to create a brown scheme lozenge some years ago using what colour information I could find as basis. I don't have an example at hand at the moment as I moved my works scatch drive contents on to an external hard drive a few weeks ago, however if I get chance tonight I'll post an example.

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Anyone else seen this?


The lozenge has pink, which looks unlike any other naval hex lozenge I've seen. Any comments?  Looks like a fine build though.

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