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Thu Jul 28 14:38:53 EDT 2011


                So here's the details for OT kits in the Squadron Sale
Catalog.  Three prices are listed.  First is the list price, then the sale
price (xx.xx/xx.xx); the third price is the figure for scalehobbyist.com,
the cheapest site around.  Note that scalehobbyist.com does not offer the
Mirage Halberstadt Cl.II, so I've added the prices from Roll Models and


1/72 Roden Alb. D.II                                        (10.99/6.99)

1/72 Roden Alb. D.III                                          "

1/48 Eduard Alb. D.III Profipack                 (29.95/19.99)     (21.49)

1/48 Eduard Bristol F.2b Weekend           (19.95/12.99)     (14.39)

1/32 Encore McCudden S.E.5a                    (69.99/39.99)     (47.22)

1/32 Encore Voss Fok. F.I                                  "

1/48 Mirage Halb. Cl.II w/ Fuselage Lozenge AND 5-Color Lozenge

                Roll Models without 5-Color Lozenge      60.75

                Squadron with 5-Color Lozenge                 84.59


                So there are some savings to be made.  A dollar here, a
dollar there, but that Mirage Halbie price is pretty attractive!


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