[WWI] Pegasus D.I/II and D.III kits

Shane Weier bristolf2b at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 28 00:41:30 EDT 2011

Brent says:

>I prefer the Albie D.I/D.II to the later Roden offerings. 
>The Roden cowlings were always annoying.

Mmm. I never found them to be a problem, nor for that matter did I ever have trouble with constructing the upper wing.

I think that the key is that the cutout for the cowling *must* be carefully cleaned up, and the flash in that area is robust enough to look like it's part of the fuselage. Once you realise where fuselage ends and flash starts, and clean the parts up thoroughly, the fit is pretty much impeccable. I think I included a photo of this in my D.III build in our gallery. Same applies to the D.I, D.V and W.4 in my personal experience.

OTOH I *haven't* built a Pegasus Albatros D-anything which is a blot on my record I wouldn't mind some day addressing.


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