[WWI] Pegasus D.I/II and D.III kits

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Wow, Diego!  What a beautiful Albatros .  Very fine work all around.  Too bad she was struck off charge. 



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> once you figure out how you need to support the centre section while 
> glueing up it's easy enough to get a good result. 

> Can't find the reviews of the D.I kit so can't comment (everyone sighs 
> with relief). 

Not reviews, but here is a scan of the box content 
http :// wwi -cookup.com/ albatros / di /altarosdi-dii72pegasus. html 

And a really painful build report 
http :// wwi -cookup.com/ albatros / dii /build_ dii _ df . html 
and the finished result: 
http :// www . wwi -models.org/Images/ Fernetti / Albatros /albd202. jpg 

(BTW, this model is no more, having been reverted to an assortment of 
plastic parts) 

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