[WWI] Pegasus D.I/II and D.III kits

Paul Thompson flutes at xs4all.nl
Wed Jul 27 12:56:37 EDT 2011


As regards accuracy,summarising Ray Rimell in Windsock Vol 13 no.1, 1997,
about the D.III:

Lower wing, too great a forward curve to the tip outline. Top wing similar
but not so bad, but also slightly under span.

Fuselage, a bit too shallow and too narrow.

Overall though, it looks okay when built. One downside, the radiator, while
good, is only offered in one position, so this restricts the applicable
colour schemes, although both OAW and standard fin and rudders are included,
which opens it up again.

The Roden kit is better on most counts except ease of build, and I differ
from many people in thinking the fit is actually much better than they say.
Roden always need much more care in cleaning up parts than other
manufacturers (much like Pegasus). I've done a few of the top wings, and
once you figure out how you need to support the centre section while glueing
up it's easy enough to get a good result. The radiator postion is then taken
care of by all the alternative parts in the kit.  Roden interior and engine
are far better than the Pegasus, as are the m/gs, but all of those tend to
get replaced anyway when built many of this list, at least, having talked to
some, and looking in the galleries.

Taken all the above waffle into account I'd say the Pegasus kit would need
to be around half the current going price of the Roden one to attract sales.
No idea if that's economically viable. Personally I love Pegasus kits and
would buy several without decals if around the £3.00-£4.00 mark. If I stick
a pilot in one I don't need to worry about time consuming detail work and
can use them as a canvas to use up the decals I've accrued from other
sources.I'm sure others would too, but how many? Couldn't guess.

Can't find the reviews of the D.I kit so can't comment (everyone sighs with

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