[WWI] No interest in the new Dreadnought?

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   It's 1/350, correct?
   That's my scale.

                                       J.R. Boye

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Subject: Re: [WWI] No interest in the new Dreadnought?

Brent said: "Hopefully I will be able to pick up and Iron Shipwright right kit for cheap.
I think there was another company that made a resin Dreadnought as well."
ISW: http://www.steelnavy.com/ISWDreadnoughtCSwager.htm
Magnus replied: "I believe the ISW kit is the same as the Rhino models kit."
My comment: The Rhino HMS Dreadnought was first produced by a company called Steel Navy.
Rhino/Steel Navy:  http://www.steelnavy.com/SN%20Dreadnought%20JB.htm
The manufacturer is not to be confused with the discussion board at SteelNavy.com that has this review of the new kit:
I built a 1/700 HP Models version, but won't be buying this.  Not my scale.
Marc Flake
nb: 1/700 Combrig Rurik II
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