[WWI] Pegasus D.I/II and D.III kits

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Owned several 1/72nd scale Pegasus  kits but never built a one. The Albatros are almost certainly not competitive with the Roden offerings, whose price, at least in the US is around $9, and about £9 in the UK. The Pegasus kits are short run and are simply not the same quality as the Roden kits, which are nice.

Despite the fact that the MAC kit is not short-run, the Pegasus Phönix  D.I, in my view, might be competitive but mainly because the MAC kits are so outrageously priced. Further, the MAC kit parts are a little clunky - thick flying surfaces, etc.

FWIW, I've built the MAC Phönix D.I. D.II & D.III; and at least 5 of the various Roden Albatros kits.

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Subject: [WWI] Pegasus D.I/II and D.III kits

Hi guys, I wanted to ask for your views about the Pegasus 1/72nd kts of the Albatros D.I/II and D.III. When I took over Pegasus I inherited over a hundred of each, all with shot decals. I can reprint decals, but I wondered how you would rate these accuracy wise in comparison to the Roden ones, and if you think I could still sell with new decals them if I priced them under £5 each?

The same applies to the Pegasus Phonix D.I vs the Mac kit, again I have some but have never listed them as the decals need replacing.

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