[WWI] Cockpit details circa 1910

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Mon Jul 25 20:33:42 EDT 2011

> Photos of the actual aircraft only indicate a seat of the early   
> bucket style and the side mounted wheel controls for wing warping.   
> Instructions and research show the instrument panel and three   
> control cables on each side of the cockpit and rudder pedals with   
> exposed cables. I've added a throttle from an Eduard Fokker   
> Eindecker.  
> Any other ideas for the cockpit?


I guess that little else than what you mentioned and a big purse full  
of good intentions.
You can also add a tube gauge for the fuel tank, a dial as the  
tachometer, an oil pulsator, and perhaps a switch for the magneto. I  
guess that you can find a bit of inspiration in the Bristol Monoplane  
(also designed by Coanda) and the Antoinette, that seemed to have a  
similar fuselage but had a completely different engine (so most  
controls won't relate!)

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