[WWI] Lawrence of Arabia Tiger Moth

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I guess that they weren't too worried about accuracy on the armament, so they would probably go for something that "looked like" a weapon. Pipes, broom handles, whatever they could cobble to resemble a gun and be safe to carry aboard.
About the markings, I think they'll slapped on the airframes something that could be related to Turkey by the general film viewer, hence the star and crescent marking, completely removed of historical accuracy.
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                  Wonderful stuff!  Any guesses as to the armament?  Doesn't look like a Lewis in the observer's pit, but should I use a Parabellum instead?  How about for the pilot?  What with the engine, I can't tell whether there is a Vickers gun (or guns).  What do you think?  Does anyone know of a source for the Turkish decals?  I would have preferred the plain black square instead of the star-and-crescent, but whatever's on the screen, right?

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