[WWI] Yuba City Trip

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Easier said than done, mate.

Shrinking hobby, worst recession since 1930s etc. Basically, clubs using beggar-my-neighbor arrangements to sponsor each others' shows. We had a couple or so shows cancelled in the Mid Atlantic region this year - just couldn't get the support.

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    So ALL WWI/WWII prop aircraft were in the same class? That sounds like they need a bigger budget for more awards!

     Were these the other classes?-       Class I:  Any vehicle with wheels (tanks, cars, racing cars, trains, motorcyles and trucks, all scales)
                                                        Class II:  Living subjects (figures, anime, dioramas, anatomy models, science fiction, monsters, dinosaurs and busts, all scales)

                                                        Class III:  Anything that flies without a propeller (jets, rockets, sci-fi, airliners, gliders and balloons) 

                                                        Class IV: Anything that flies and has a propeller or rotor  (Bud's class)
                                                         Class V: Anything that floats

                                                         Class VI:  Anything not in classes I-V

       This keeps things simple for paperwork, keeps the budget in line, and avoids long awards presentations :-)

        Seriously, I'm so sorry about that, Bud. Your models are wonderful and deserve better. BTW, I need to contact you about our plans for Monterey.

         When Eduard had the "Blue Max" Pfalz D.III available, I was thinking it would be fun to do a Tiger Moth "R.E.8" for a little diorama, but I have too many projects already.

                                                                      J.R. Boye


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Subject: [WWI] Yuba City Trip

                Good day in Yuba City, even if Bud (coyotemagic) got shut out by the contest rules (all OT aircraft got mixed into the same grouping as WWII prop aircraft).  It's also difficult to compete against WNW aircraft, of which there were two, a gorgeous Ninak that got a special prize (though Bud and I agree that the PC10 was far too dark and far too green   ;-)   ).  Bud was able to bag a Hanriot Hd.1 ProfiPack for $10 and I was able to "steal" an Airfix Tiger Moth for $2.  Which leads me to the next question: you film buffs, was the "German" plane that bombed the Sharif and minions in Lawrence of Arabia a Tiger Moth?  A Puss Moth? A Stampe?  A Buecker?  Anyone have a photo so I can modify the Tiger Moth to match the movie's plane?                                Mike 		 	   		   		 	   		  
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