[WWI] Yuba City Trip

Joseph Pezold pezo8481 at bellsouth.net
Sun Jul 24 00:44:07 EDT 2011

Mike asks:
"Which leads me to the next question: you film buffs, was the "German" plane 
that bombed the Sharif and minions in Lawrence of Arabia a Tiger Moth?  A Puss 
Moth? A Stampe?  A Buecker?  Anyone have a photo so I can modify the Tiger Moth 
to match the movie's plane?"


      Good question that I have wondered myself.  I watched Lawrence of Arabia 
the other night when it was on Turner Classic Movies and was specifically 
looking at the Turkish planes to see if they were modified Tiger Moths.  I don't 
know for sure, but I really think that they were.  Perhaps someone on the "List" 
with more knowledge of the subject will chime in.

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