[WWI] Yuba City Trip

Mike Vice jmikl2957 at comcast.net
Sat Jul 23 22:52:11 EDT 2011

                Good day in Yuba City, even if Bud (coyotemagic) got shut
out by the contest rules (all OT aircraft got mixed into the same grouping
as WWII prop aircraft).  It's also difficult to compete against WNW
aircraft, of which there were two, a gorgeous Ninak that got a special prize
(though Bud and I agree that the PC10 was far too dark and far too green
;-)   ).  Bud was able to bag a Hanriot Hd.1 ProfiPack for $10 and I was
able to "steal" an Airfix Tiger Moth for $2.  Which leads me to the next
question: you film buffs, was the "German" plane that bombed the Sharif and
minions in Lawrence of Arabia a Tiger Moth?  A Puss Moth? A Stampe?  A
Buecker?  Anyone have a photo so I can modify the Tiger Moth to match the
movie's plane?


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