[WWI] IPMS USA Nationals

Bob Pearson bpearson at citytel.net
Sat Jul 23 16:29:13 EDT 2011

Flowers are always of interest. . see  www.cbrnp.com/RNP/Flower/index.htm


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> On 7/23/2011 11:41 AM, Rev Zoom wrote:
>> I will be there with a couple models - one is a WWII Canadian Flower 
>> Class Corvette (do I lose my membership here - a WWII subject and a 
>> ship to boot?).  I heard Johnny's is a pretty good restaurant.  Matt, 
>> what church are you referring to?  A couple of my seminary buddies are 
>> pastors in the area (Lutheran - Missouri Synod).
>> Kevin Wenker

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