[WWI] IPMS USA Nationals

Rev Zoom winks147 at cox.net
Sat Jul 23 12:41:42 EDT 2011

I will be there with a couple models - one is a WWII Canadian Flower Class 
Corvette (do I lose my membership here - a WWII subject and a ship to 
boot?).  I heard Johnny's is a pretty good restaurant.  Matt, what church 
are you referring to?  A couple of my seminary buddies are pastors in the 
area (Lutheran - Missouri Synod).

Kevin Wenker

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Subject: [WWI] IPMS USA Nationals
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The IPMS/USA Nationals are getting closer! So, who's showing up?

I wanted to try and get something together, but between work, trying to
work on things for the Nats, and singing, life is getting in the way. In
addition, I'll be the only IM presence here, so will need to juggle IM
work with working during the Nats.

At the very least I may try to put in a reservation at a restaurant
close-by. Not too far from the convention center is a pizza place, as
well as a "finer" dining establishment. However, all over town are a
*lot* of restaurants, including a few that were featured on the Food
Network's show "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives".

So, this is a headcount. If I'm able to get something together for a
local restaurant, who would want to attend, and which day would be the best?

Oh, and if you're hanging around town on Sunday, I can give you the name
of a church a really great singing group will be singing at for Sunday
services. ;-)

Matt Bittner


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