[WWI] Joystick Kits, Was: Nie.17 to N.24 Conversion

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Fri Jul 22 13:27:39 EDT 2011

A few years ago Hannat's had a minimum order amount policy (about 25 pounds IIRC) and the mailing fees were steep for us in the American continent (and I'm not talking just of the Northern part!). 
Roll Models have certain advantages for us in this land of sauvages, however not for the Joystick vacs. For these vacs I guess that the best option is rare.plane detective or getting lucky in an Ebay auction.
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                  FYI, Hannants has a whole potful of the Joystick kits, all for about $9.00 or so plus shipping instead of $21 in the U.S. via Roll Models.  The Nie. 24/27 is one that's available.  So, grab that Joystick kit and Eduard N.17 and go at it!
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