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If you could obtain some new (different) decals, would that help? You could mask off, respray and slap the new decals over the top.


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> Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2011 08:38:16 -0700
> Subject: [WWI] HB2 W29
> 	With less an 15 minutes to go, I will complete the Eastern Express W29
> that will never see the light of day.  The kit goes together
> excellently, the fit is as good as it was under the name Toko but the
> decals have ruined it.  Precut, perfect fit and garish.  Instead of
> leaving one hex clear decal film, EE for some reason had to print it
> white.  Now instead of three subdued colors of blues or even browns, you
> are left with two blues and BRIGHT WHITE!  It will disappear to a
> customer's display case and hardly be seen again.  That's good because I
> do not want anyone to think I know that little about German hex colors.
> I do not have any surplus hex in my supply and to paint 3 million white
> hexs blue is out of the question.  
> 	If you want an easy to build W29, this is the kit.  But dump the decals
> if you can.  You will not be pleased with the results if you don't.
> Dennis
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