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Tom, I'll vouch for that retarding affect on the superglue when put onto a soft plastic. I was up till 2.am. today re-attaching the top wing of the Koster SSW D.III after the wing was sheared off in in it's storage box- bad storage box! A few drops of superglue on a soft plastic bottle lid was used to re-attach the struts and then there was a good few seconds of pliability when the glue was put on the contact points of the struts, just enough to get the positioniong correct and then I was able to pop in the cabane struts. After attaching the struts I put a tiny drop of Accellerator onto a bit of wire and use the wire to put a drop of accellerator onto the attachment points and all was fixed. For some reason, as you say, the soft polythene type plastic of the lid seems to thicken the c.a. without drying it out totally and it remains workable for a lot longer. It worked out for the best, because I had realised that I had forgotten to drill the wings for the nylon thread rigging. Good news is I may even finish a model at last.                                        Cheers,                                              Nick.    Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2011 17:44:02 -0700
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Michael Hendrix mentioned the problem with superglue when attaching struts. The glue cures so fast that there isn't time to adjust the struts.
I stumbled across a method to slow down the curing. Put a drop into the plastic lid of a soda bottle. Wait for a few minutes then apply to the strut and/or strut hole. There is something about the soft plastic lid material that retards the hardening of the glue. When it's set to your satisfaction hit it with a shot Zip Kicker.
Let me know how it works for you.
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