[WWI] Civilian Avro 504k

Don Ralston don.ralston at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Jul 21 13:55:36 EDT 2011


Nice model in 1/72. I did the same one in 1/48 (Blue Max). It was flown in Alan Cobhams Air Circus circa 1933-1935 and was probably the one that I flew in, aged 5, with my father and uncle at Ringway in Manchester. I sat in the front seat and my father and uncle sat in in the bench seat behind. I distinctly remember looking down and spotting my mother in a polka dot dress at the front of the crowd. When I told this to the 504 pilot at Rheinbeck, he offered to take me up but unfortunately I couldn’t because I wouldn’t be insured. Bl**dy Health and Safety.
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