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Neil, I have suggested that to Pete ( and Pete's buddy Bob Partridge) that they should get involved here. I hope he will take the plunge into the pool! At the moment he is very much 1/32 but I hope that doesn't count against him too much, as it is an eyesight thing that has made him jump up through the scales. I should see Pete at the next Avon IPMS meet next month. I'll suggest again, that he gets involved here as you are right, he would be a great asset here. He is is also fond of second round Luftwaffe subjects and also Russian 'stuff'. There is some of his excellent work over on the Aerodrome forum too, including a great 'how to' article for carving laminated props, also the WNW junkers and the Roden 1/32 Dr.1 in the 'optical illusion' scheme. When I first got involved with the IPMS about 18 years ago, it was a scratchbuild in 1/32 of the Dh.2 Pete was working on that really amazed me, it was incredible. Anyway quite simply Pete and also Bob Partridge another Avon IPMS member were the reason why I started building OT subjects. Everything said about Pete's work also applies to Bob's work. I guess with Pete it was more him that I spoke to at that time, so it was his ideas that I soaked up like the proverbial sponge. 
      As for the legendary Clunk- what can I say? There used to be a 'Hanna Barberra' cartoon featuring Dick Dastardly and Muttley, in which Dick Dastardly and his co-pilot Muttley would head a squadron of aircraft- clearly German and Austrian style OT aircraft, but of outrageously exaggerated characteristics -any number of scallopped wings and engines of tractor and pusher types along with various smashing and grabbing concertina mounted pidgeon grabbing devices- in order to ''Catch The Pidgeon'' who was clearly the good guy trying to get the dispatches to and from H.Q. Needless to say they never caught the Pidgeon and they always crashed in a pile of wings n wires, but Clunk was the guy responsible for the aircraft. He didn't really talk but sounded kind of like R2-D2 using sounds instead of words mostly. Bearing in mind it must be over 30 years since I last saw this cartoon I may have a few details wrong, but , if you have a copy Austro Hungarian Army Aircraft of WWI some of the more outrageous designs (like James' fabulous Lloyd triplane model) will give you the idea, add a few MORE storeys, guns and wings and engines and that's the vulture Squadron as built and maintained by Clunk. A legend in my workspace. The more I think about this the more I think a Vulture Squadron scratchbuild would be a great idea. . . .                                                    Cheers,                                                        Nick.   

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Subject: Re: [WWI] Who Inspired You? Tom, great queation! Initially, without doubt the guy responsible is Roy Cross. I remember his artwork on Airfix boxes (still on some of 'em) was simply irresistable to an eight year old who had watched 633 squadron and the 'Battle of Britain' films.  Sure thing! Roy Cross must have inspired an awful lot of us. Still does in fact.  I gave up modelling from about 15 yrs old up to when I was in my mid twenties, when the guy from the hobby shop I started buying from suggested the I.P.M.S. where I met people who transformed my ideas of what building kits could actually achieve. After a while I started to pay attention to the work of one Pete Ville, who didn't build many cans at that time but made incredible OT models and then I was hooked. I am still trying to catch up with Pete's excellent work, but its great to still see him around and see how far I have to go to match his stunning builds. He hand carves laminated props too, and that's proper' ard!   Have you told him to join us?He should   And the other influence, of course, Clunk from the Vulture Squadron!  Tell us more, this is something I missed completely./Neil

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