[WWI] Glues WAS: FE2b

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Thu Jul 21 08:43:06 EDT 2011

> Mainly because you have to use super glue to stick the bits together or 
> worse,
> epoxy.

I usually use several kinds of glue on any injection molded kit: Epoxy for 
the larger or load bearing joints (lower wing to fuselage, cabane struts, 
horizontal stabilizer to fuselage, roots of undercarriage vees to fuselage) 
Two part epoxi glue can be thnned with acetone, or in these days of 
substance restrictions, non-acetone nail polish remover (wonder what the 
hell they put in it, smells nasty too).  "Revell Contacta" plastic glue for 
melting the join of the fuselage halves.
"Mek" or thin plastic glue for larger surface features (veeeery sparingly 
for skinning, but has good capillary action in small cracks, for instance on 
stressed lower wing joints. I have used it to join several pieces of 
stretched sprue segments in structures, but with very little amounts as they 
could shorten the lenght of each structure members. Once set, however, it 
gives a better resilience than contacta o than CA glue.
CA Glue for machine guns o other accesories that have positive attachment 
points, like gun rings.
White glue for cockpit details and clear parts.
Matt varnish for PE parts and cockpit details (where white glue residues 
might end visible on the final assembly).

> the problems really come in when you add the struts for the top wing and 
> there's
> hardly any opportunity for adjustment and alignment.

Shit happens, but lately I've found that a temporary fix of the top end of 
the struts with white glue, and then epoxi to the lower end, and later 
cleaning up the white glue, and permanent fixing with epoxi diminishes the 
chances of getting an skewed strut on final assembly. Gluing permanently 
both ends of the struts at the same operation is complicated!

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