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Back when I built my vinyl Cat Woman figure, I learned about slow setting CA gel and CA accelerator.
You have enough time to wiggle the parts into the proper position before the glue hardens, then you hit it with the accelerator and it's set. 
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Michael says

>Mainly because you have to use super glue to stick the bits together or worse, epoxy. I like the idea 
>of melting the bits together like in a real plastic kit. I've built a few but the problems really come in 
>when you add the struts for the top wing and there's hardly any opportunity for adjustment and alignment. 

A non-issue surely? I use CyA to put the struts into styrene kits too, and get no more dwell time than you'd get on a resin kit.

If you want a bit of breathing space, use a quick setting epoxy. That will allow 5 minutes or so before the glue starts to go off too much to make major adjustments and another 5 before it sets up too much to allow a little minor fettling.

(My problem with resin is the annoying habit it has of warping in our hot weather, but that's only an issue with long or long thin wings)


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