[WWI] Who Inspired You?

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Tom, great queation! Initially, without doubt the guy responsible is Roy Cross. I remember his artwork on Airfix boxes (still on some of 'em) was simply irresistable to an eight year old who had watched 633 squadron and the 'Battle of Britain' films.

Sure thing! Roy Cross must have inspired an awful lot of us. Still does in fact.

I gave up modelling from about 15 yrs old up to when I was in my mid twenties, when the guy from the hobby shop I started buying from suggested the I.P.M.S. where I met people who transformed my ideas of what building kits could actually achieve. After a while I started to pay attention to the work of one Pete Ville, who didn't build many cans at that time but made incredible OT models and then I was hooked. I am still trying to catch up with Pete's excellent work, but its great to still see him around and see how far I have to go to match his stunning builds. He hand carves laminated props too, and that's proper' ard!

Have you told him to join us?
He should

And the other influence, of course, Clunk from the Vulture Squadron!

Tell us more, this is something I missed completely.

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