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Crawford Neil Neil.Crawford at volvo.com
Thu Jul 21 04:40:04 EDT 2011

I've built several resin kits, so I'm not averse to them, but I do think they have 
some tricky aspects. They require some skill to do a decent job, and aren't quick
builds, not that a Fe2 would be a quickie. Also I don't fancy the banana wing syndrome,
and I think an Fe2 with fairly long thin wings could be susceptible to warping.
Not something I'd like to risk. I don't know why I keep asking for injection-moulded 
kits really, as I rarely build them anyway, most of my recent models have been resin
or scratchbuilt, but there is something special about good kits, I can't resist 
buying them for my collection, I like gloating on them, and dreaming how I can build them 
very quickly, then reality returns, and I get back to the scratchbuilding grind.
Perhaps I've flipped?
Anyway, I've owned the Planet Spad XI, after I'd scratchbuilt one, but I wasn't impressed
, it's not resin, it's actually injected plastic (short-run) and quite rough.
The decals were nice. That's another of my foibles, when I dream about kits, I want
them to be state of the art, and really good, otherwise I may as well get a resin kit or
a vac. It's quick satisfaction I'm looking for!

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> There seems to be a contingency on the list with an aversion towards
> resin kits.  I guess I don't understand why.
> The Plum Blossum FE2b shows up occasionally on evil-Bay and doesn't
> usually go for more than what some nutter sellers are asking for
> Formaplane kits.
> Someone mentioned the Spad XVI.  The Planet Models Spad XI can be
> found, but will go for a pretty penny.  Once in a while one sneaks on
> there for a reasonable price.
> I look at it this way.  Myself and many others happily sent $20US plus
> shipping to get the latest release from short-run injection and/or
> vacuform producers in 1990.  That $20US from 1990 is now worth just
> shy of $35US.  That kinda money buys some darn nice resin kits!  Just
> food for thought.
> nb:  Choroszy Nieuport 29
> 	Czech Master Armstrong-Whitworth FK10
> 	Merlin Halberstadt D.II or D.III  (can't remember which one they
> labeled it as)
> 	Eduard DH2 profi-pack
> Stuart Malone
> On Jul 20, 2011, at 10:11 AM, Dennis Ugulano wrote:
> > On Wed, 2011-07-20 at 13:38 +0200, Crawford Neil wrote:
> >> While I applaud your decision to build a Fee, I must say that it's
> >> very
> >> strange that we still don't have a good 1/72 injected kit of it.
> >
> > Neil,
> >
> > 	I so agree with you.  The FE2b in injection mold would be beautiful.
> > And to me, so many opportunities missed.  Eduard doing the Roland CII,
> > Sopwith Triplane, and other 1/48th scale kits but not scaling them
> > down
> > to 1/72.  Do not the Roland, the Triplane and Nieuport 28 all call out
> > for an update.  The 60 year old molds from Revell are getting tired.
> > Why can't they update their line as they did with the Fokker DR1?
> >
> > 	Then add to mix Roden coming out with a beautiful 1/72 line of
> > Nieuports and then going to 1/32nd scale.  What happened to 1/48th?  I
> > have not broken the code to their releases.
> >
> > 	The Form-a-plane FE2b will have its problems but Joe Chubbock was a
> > master at what he did and I'm sure the completed model will reflect
> > that.  At least I have a place to start.
> >
> > Dennis
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